Individual members

1% for Earth creates a way that every day, every person has the opportunity to make a difference. Individuals are an essential part of the 1% for Earth movement. Anyone can join and donate 1% of their salary to our approved nonprofits via monetary donations and/or volunteer support.

Impactful Giving Made Easy

We offer impactful giving options for individuals and advise them to ensure their giving aligns with the environmental issues they care about most. An individual can meet their 1% commitment in one of the following ways:

• 100% monetary donation (1% of salary/income)

• 100% volunteer support (volunteer time valued at € 25 EUR/hour)

• Any combination of both methods

Enter your annual income into the calculator to discover your 1% commitment and use the slider to find the perfect balance of donations (monetary and volunteer time) that works for your lifestyle.

Earth Impact Portfolio

Also new in 2021, the Earth Impact Portfolio is an easy, all-in-one way that members can fulfill their commitment by giving to a balanced portfolio of six nonprofits. This is a great way for members to learn about and fund multiple vetted environmental organizations making a tangible, positive impact for our earth.

Giving Circle

New in 2021, the 1% for Earth Giving Circle brings together a small group of individual members to engage in discourse and learning, and decide together where they will make a collective donation to an environmental organization. If you’re interested to learn more about the Giving Circle email:

2021 Member Benefits

• Incorporate a structured commitment to the environment into your lifestyle.

• Belong to a global community of businesses, individuals and nonprofits advancing a full spectrum of environmental solutions.

• Leverage our expertise by completing our Nonprofit Advising Questionnaire to find nonprofit partners and support the causes and communities you care about most.

• Receive an individual member logo and other branded items to communicate your membership and encourage others to join you in making a bold statement for our planet.

• Gain access to game-changing businesses, thought leaders and on-the-ground environmental organizations through invites to special events, exclusive offers from member brands and more.

• Know that your support is making a difference for our planet through your contributions to our trusted nonprofit partners.

“1% for Earth is a great fit for me as I typically give to various environmental organizations every year, but I can now do it under the umbrella of a single organization. Being involved has provided exposure to new organizations doing critical work in areas that I would not have known about otherwise”

– Individual member, Eduard Schmölzer

Join the growing community of individuals who are already stepping up and taking action for our Earth!