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Finding true love is not easy, and that’s why it took me so long to find you. When you give me attention, I feel I am the most special person on this planet. When you hold my hand in front of your friends, I love it. You look hotter than Tom Cruise. Are you related to Zac Efron? Does Brad Pitt ask you for gym advice? Try these compliments to floor him or bring a smile to his face.

Your compliment should not seem forced, because then it will not be as authentic. Try to form your compliment in the moment. Previously prepared compliments seem fake and often do not fit the situation. “Thank you, , you really brightened my day with this.” You are afraid of being manipulated by compliments. “Your smile is proof that the best things in life are free.”

I feel most comfortable when I’m with you. For the ultimate multi-tasker, pay your guy a compliment while making him laugh (because oh, that laugh!). Try any of the following, and let them inspire you to create your own. Would you mind wearing this blanket for a day?

Sure, you may have certain chores down to a science, and after a long day it might feel easier to just do them yourself — but if he wants to help, let him! After all, a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that couples that share chores have a healthier sex life. Let’s say you had to call out sick on the day of a big presentation, and a colleague offered to fill in your part of the PowerPoint. This compliment shares how you see them as a reliable teammate supported by a specific example while offering gratitude for their thoughtfulness. Children have a natural curiosity as they grow and learn more about the world around them. Sharing that their sense of wonder delights you heartens them to explore Central American brides from Costa Rica their ideas more. Some relatives exude the spirit of the family unit.

The second compliment I like to give is about a woman’s intelligence and beauty. The only time you will “lose your power” in an interaction with a woman is when you decide that you’ve lost power.

#4 He Wants You To Feel Special

As with complimenting appearance, consider whether they are appropriate or may be bordering on being flirtatious. How do you compliment a friend? Try using these compliments that focus on how the person relates to others. So I wanted to find a way to tell him, through compliments, what a wonderful person he is! This article has helped me.” Make compliments that will bolster his feeling of masculinity.

Share a Compliment About His Intelligence

Knowing how to compliment and recognize others is a fundamental leadership skill. However, few of us know how to do it effectively. Over the last decade, I have interviewed and surveyed thousands of people to understand what makes a powerful compliment. I found that the most memorable and impactful messages are authentic and specific, focusing on the process they went through to produce it. Here are a few tips on how to give a powerful compliment.

Compliments between colleagues can also quickly be taken the wrong way. For example, if your complimenting someone for completing an obviously easy task, the recipient may feel they are being mocked. If you’re sincere about your compliment, you won’t have to work as hard to make it come across as such and you’ll be authentic. You can usually tell if someone is being insincere, especially through body language, for example, if someone is avoiding eye contact.

You feel better about yourself

Does he strive to make you laugh? Does he think he’s a genius? Knowing your guy’s strengths as well as he does – and knowing which of these strengths he’s most proud of – will guide your complimentary ways. When you know where his pride lies, you can reinforce it by complimenting an attribute in that arena. Getting your chat on with guys takes more than handing out a few compliments. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered on all your conversation tools.

They can make the difference between a promotion and the same old job, or between a night out with the guys and a lonely night at home. The implication here is that on other days her hair is not so nice. Or maybe her hair is the exact same, every single day, and your compliment has just made her realize you’re an idiot. When he hears a compliment that he doesn’t hear often, he will appreciate it more. It will make him remember you every time he picks up the instruments of his talent—whether it’s about music or any other passion. It will surely put a smile on his face.

Along the same lines, go a step further and move beyond merely avoiding the negative and actually be deliberate about the compliments. We think it’s such a good idea we’ve picked what we think are the 10 best compliments to give your wife. Whatever you love about your partner, let them know. Remind them of how special they are to you. When your partner has just expressed a new thought or done something creative or you just feel inspired, let them know you love the way their mind works. Whatever your favorite quality is, let your partner know. Whether it’s patience, heart, creativity, or anything in between.